I Am Here to Help You Build Your Online Business

I’ve started this blog essentially to save other people time in starting up an online business.

My goal is to make money online and free myself from a ‘regular’ job working in excess of 45 hours a week earning an average income to earning much more.

I’ll be sharing what I learn, teaching you along this journey on how you can apply the same techniques and strategies I use to make this a reality.

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When I started out researching how to start a business online I spent countless hours researching and trying to find where to start. I was doing this at night after work and on weekends. I was a bit of a night owl, trying to work out what direction to take and how to get started. 

Owl working on computer

I found it difficult to find anything that was free, of good quality and readily available on the internet. There wasn’t much I could find that was free, well-structured and had a logical delivery of all the essentials you should know to help start up an online business.

To help you out, I do the research and try to identify what I believe is the 20% of the work that will likely achieve 80% of the results.

I then put together Modules in a logical and structured order so that you can follow along and repeat what I’m doing.

I’ll be covering everything from the very beginning of building an online business. Such as:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of being self employed
  • How to start an online business
  • How to learn anything faster
  • Best books for starting an online business
  • Things to Know Before Starting an Online Business
  • List of Niche Markets and High Demand Blog Topics
  • What Do People Buy The Most Online and Best Things To Resell Online
  • Digital vs Physical Affiliate Products: Pros and Cons
  • Best Products To Sell From Home
  • Creating New Products
  • Stages of New Product Development Process
  • Companies That Build Prototypes

My goal is eventually to be able to earn a passive income through my online business or businesses that exceeds what I could earn working a full-time job in my current profession.

If I can achieve this, then I’m confident I can grow and scale an online business much faster than any salaried or professional job in order to bring in a much larger source of income in a shorter period of time.

I have a detailed business plan. However, ultimately, I’ll be building up an online business by working on my online business on week nights and weekends. This is why it’s super important to identify the 20% of the work that will achieved the 80% of the results (80/20 rule!).